Welcome to my flight simulation pages.

This site is totally dedicated to my project off building a Boeing 737 flight simulation cockpit.

I have been interested in flying ever since I was a small boy. When I left school I joined the Royal Navy, where I had 17 happy years. My trade was electronics and I was looking after all sorts of computer system. After some time away and going back to university to do a degree, for a different challenge, I then went to work for a County Council for a further 16 years as an IT consultant. My main areas during this period was Networking and Miscellaneous Servers. So as you can see I have a very broad range of skills to tackle a project of this size.

Like all these things they start small and as the bug hits (money, time & the wife allowing) they grow. Well this is exactly how I started. Armed with the knowledge that I already have the passion for flying, I soon found that I was playing around with Microsoft Flight Simulator (MFS).

As the passion grows you want to do more and more. MFS is not enough alone. The story goes on and I have put up some photo's to show the slow progression and I will add more to this site as time prevails.

I started this project as far back as 2004, and it now looks like I am finally going to have the time to to do some more to it. With a new shed purpose built so that I can move the simulator down and out of the loft. With a bit of dusting off, it was put in the shed and very quickly put back together to see what work need to be done before introducing new parts.

Please do revisit 2016 will be the year I will have the time to update the Simulator and web with a lot more detail.

Please do visit follow and visit my progress pages.